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[audio]teachtaireacht_mo_athar - Brian G. Mc Enery
Ramblings with my father.
Keywords: rambling
Downloads: 2
[audio]Ramblings 2.0
rambling at apeure.com
Keywords: rambling
34edo guitar noises
Keywords: rambling
Downloads: 51
[audio]Ramblin' - Parma Pod Person
Just some train of thought rambling.
Keywords: Rambling
Downloads: 1
[audio]IUMA: Rambling Shadows
From the ashes of D.C.'s legendary Crippled Pilgrims arises a musical force the world beholds with enraptured adoration--Rambling Shadows. Groove to the "now" vibrations conjured by these four gifted shamans of rock epiphany. Prepare to cast your spirit to the black hole of drunken shame and wasted lives. Rambling Shadows are here. (For another chapter in the saga, go to http://artists2.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Crippled_Pilgrims/)
Keywords: Rambling Shadows
Downloads: 19
[audio]Kerri Live from Everywhere: A Test Cast - Kerri
It's not pretty, it's not anything really, I just want to make sure this thingy works.
Keywords: Testing; Rambling
Downloads: 61
[audio]Fao S 2 6 Repair And Edit - FaOS
Podcast that spirals
Keywords: music; race; rambling
Downloads: 2
[audio]Radio Show Two - BJ Carter
strange conversation between two strapping young lads.
Keywords: podcast; weird; bizarre; rambling
Downloads: 96
[audio]Ephisode one - Geewhiz
the rambling continues
Keywords: rambling; audio blog
Downloads: 54
[audio]session one - test forms - GeeWhiz
The first session of rambling
Keywords: podcast; audioblog; rambling; rant
Downloads: 50
[audio]2 - Bean Counting
My second podcast
Keywords: Podcast; rambling; wisdom
Downloads: 3
[movies]Excuse My Randomness 22-Ipod: Windy Days - Brit Spit Productions
Apparently Greenfield Village wants their employees to be blown away...
Keywords: tornado; food; rambling; britspit
Downloads: 120
[audio]Ben Rant 5
Keywords: Rambling; Random; Rant; Ben
Downloads: 8
[audio]WKSTL Podcast #1 - WKSTLgroup
A rambling conversation between friends
Keywords: podcast; humor; rambling
Downloads: 31
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast Episode 1 - Joe Fusco and Kevin Sesock
In tonight’s episode of the Two Rambling Idiots Podcast, Joe surprises Kevin with an opening theme. We introduce ourselves and the podcast. We discuss cameras, lasers and, of course, Windows 8 and iPad 3 rumors and try to have a little fun along the way. Since this is our first show we know it’s a little rough and we know we need to tighten things up a bit. We would greatly appreciate your feedback – good or bad...
Keywords: rambling; idiots; ipad; windows
Downloads: 58
[audio]the way of the topographical rambler - Gordon S Maxwell/ Heidi Lapaine
excerpt from the introduction to The Fringe of London by Gordon S. Maxwell - read by Heidi Lapaine
Keywords: reading; london; walking; rambling
Downloads: 42
[audio]November 7 audio blog - SES
First Blogcast on MySpace
Keywords: Steve; talk; rambling
Downloads: 35
[audio]Comedy Rambles 1 - Accents & Dialects - Neil Baxter
Neil ponders the hilarity of regional accents as he takes a refreshing morning stroll.
Keywords: comedy; rambling; laughter.therapy
Downloads: 286
[audio]Comedy Rambles 3 - Various States of Wetness - Neil Baxter
We have a damp double-bill this week. First up, Neil talks about school based incontinence, and then Neil has a soggy ramble.
Keywords: comedy; rambling; laughter.therapy
Downloads: 159
[audio]Ben Rant 10
Old lady deathmatches and car racing all on another Ben Rant. XD XD
Keywords: Random; Rambling; Ben
Downloads: 13
[audio]Comedy Rambles 5 - Grandad - Neil Baxter
This time, Neil tells a few tales about his Grandad.
Keywords: comedy; rambling; laughter.therapy
Downloads: 76
[audio]Vocalization of Notes Not Using the Notes - Dan Stanton
Random ramblings.
Keywords: stuff; h4n; fun; random rambling; random; rambling
Downloads: 13
[audio]RPG 01 Introduction To Sick Cast - Alex Swingle
Welcome Challenger to the Rambling Pro Gamer Podcast, here on The Next Round! Here be my first recording on the sick day known as February 18, 2014. For me at least.In this recording I talk to you about the layout of the podcast, some things on my mind related to an RPG community called the RPG Brigade, da video game bundles, Olympics, Retrospective vs. Interspective gaming, and the purpose of using the internet to communicate with others.Song breaks were: Phetsta - Push It To The Limit remixPha...
Keywords: Rambling Pro Gamer; Alex Swingle
Downloads: 3
[audio]Ramblecast Episode 1
Brendan in West Virginia walking and talking and capturing the ups and downs of life.
Keywords: fitness; depression; walking; rambling; podcast
Downloads: 13
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast Episode 2 - J&K Productions
Recorded 3/9/12 We're short an idiot tonight but I think I did okay. I talk about an unplanned date night, the 3rd gen iPad, some hot PCs, and a really cool looking car plus a lot more. Looking at my notes, I think I slated last weeks show as being recorded in February... What can I say? I'm an idiot. During post production I discovered the background noise from my mic was a combination of the auto-gain and how I was leveling the audio...
Keywords: idiots; rambling; ipad; iOS; NCAA
Downloads: 30
[audio]RCEP10 - Apoc
Rambling Canadian Episode 10
Keywords: Rambling Canadian; Apoc; Neo; Ramblings
Downloads: 19
[audio]RCEP 8 - Rambling Canadian
Episode 8
Keywords: Rambling Canadian; Apoc; Episode 8
Downloads: 18
[audio]Episode 14: Trends and Tropes in Current Anime we Love and Loathe - I Thought They Smelled Bad on the Outside
In a companion piece to Episode 8: Does New Anime Suck? Gundamn!@MAHQ's SoulBroRyu sat down with Jeff and Scott to go over our likes and dislikes in writing and animation techniques in current anime.
Keywords: anime; manga; podcast; curmudgeon; rambling
Downloads: 104
[audio]Brand New Day - Ivan Chew
NOTE: Audio output is rather soft. It seems to play better with headphones or via amp. If you do put on your headphones, do note that the volume for this piece increases as it progresses, so watch your ear-drums! :) Original composition on Piano. File size: 565 KB, 32 Bit Rate MP3 audio recording (approx 2min 25secs). Recorded and mixed using Audacity freeware (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/), 16000hz...
Keywords: piano; original composition; rambling; librarian
Downloads: 4,140
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded 2/17/2013 Things are getting back to normal. Joe's PC is back to full functionality. Tonight we have meteors, genetic patents, a practically unserviceable tablet, and ZOMBIES! Plus, Kevin does a mime show. It's really fantastic. Really it is. You'll have to listen to believe it.
Keywords: rambling; idiots; meteorite; blackberry; zombies
Downloads: 56
[audio]TRIP Episode 057 - J&K Productions
Recorded 4/18/2013On this episode of the Two Rambling Idiots Podcast despite how much we want to avoid even mentioning Electronic fArts because they've annoyed us so much with their shenanigans as of late, they're back in the news and they're giving the "up yours" to their customers yet again. In other news, Joe learns what a BitCoin is but still wonders why they're such a big deal, Google says the Google Glass eye-wear they sell you is yours and it better stay that way, how to find a planet ...
Keywords: rambling; idiots; ea; verizon; bitcoin
Downloads: 57
[texts]Rambling - Mark Fitzgearld
Mark Fitzgearld Pics a topic and types three paragraphs.
Keywords: essay; Txt; Mark Fitzgearld; Rambling
Downloads: 42
[audio]mousels.com 4th Podcast - Michael Moorhouse (mousels) & Kevin Haworth (Loiterer)
The 4th mousels.com podcast. With Loiterer and mousels as per usual. Contains usual problems.
Keywords: mousels.com; mousels; podcast; 4th; rambling
Downloads: 17
[audio]All Or Nothing Psychology ( 2) - Mike
Experience the ADHD adventures of mike and his ranDumb thoughts every weekday! I am entertaining as well as provocative as I try to hather my thoughts into sometimes thoughtful dialect. Wow, that turned out pretty good. :)
Keywords: randumb; random; rambling; ramblings; randumb ramblings
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
This is the short(er) version vithout the listener feedback at the end. Recorded 1/17/2012 Yowza! We rambled quite a bit on this show. I suppose if we had one of our shortest shows that covered a large amount of news last week we should have a show that's the longest to date and covers very little news this week. The full-length show is almost two hours and we cover passwords, outsourcing (you're doing it wrong), old stars (celestial), death stars and, inexplicably, hairdressers and horoscopes...
Keywords: rambling; idiots; aaron swartz; death star
Downloads: 1
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded 9/7/2012 Joe & Kevin rant and ramble about Apple, Samsung, streaming video, and the RIAA. Joe conversationally inserts a Don Martin-esque onomatopoeic sound effect. Kevin gets his @%#&.. err... I mean soudboard together and plays a revamped ending... that he needs to revamp. Stick around after we flush this episode for a special treat.
Keywords: rambling; idiots; apple; samsung; riaa; nasa
Downloads: 41
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded 8/30/2012 We bid a farewell to a true hero, Neil Armstrong. We spend some time at the beginning of the show talking about the first man to set foot on another planet and some of the effort it took to get him there. We discuss the Apple v Samsung case and how it ain't even close to over. We talk about the inevitable death of the optical drive and how we may handle software when it's gone. Kevin adds to the deathwatch list...
Keywords: rambling; idiots; apple; samsung; sony; star trek
Downloads: 52
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded August 10, 2012 The big news this week was the epic hack that happened to Wired reporter Mat Hanan. He was able to track down the hacker and learn exactly how the accounts were compromised... and it may have wide-ranging impact on how we think about cyber security. Lots of detail in the show. Joe was on his own again this week. No major audio problems (yay!) but he does need a pop filter and needs to tweak his levels a bit...
Keywords: rambling; idiots; at&t; hack; amazon; pinterest
Downloads: 43
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded May 24, 2012 A bit of a reserved show tonight but still a lot of tech news. Don't worry, there's still plenty of soapbox. And we kept it under an hour! Be sure to listen to the whole show for a bit of fun at the end. I swear I'll stop fiddling with the labels and locations of buttons on the sound board and will be more responsive with it.
Keywords: rambling; idiots; google; facebook; ReRAM; apple
Downloads: 25
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded May 31, 2012 It's a long one, folks and we're really sorry about that. Neither of our brains were moving very nimbly. We cover a good amount of news, though, and have some fun along the way. I apologize also for the whining noise. I ran noise reduction butsome of it leaks through. I have to figure out what is causing that in my new setup. We would love to hear some feedback about the sound of the show...
Keywords: rambling; idiots; cricket; apple; rim; sprint; facebook
Downloads: 37
[audio]Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded June 7, 2012 We tip our hats to Richard Dawson and Ray Bradbury, both of whom we lost this week. Kevin spies an opportunity to get his DVR operational... maybe. We question whether today's vehicles have too much technology (isn't that like being too ethical?). The cable companies are running scared, getting an Xbox 360 on the cheap (depending on how you look at it), Linkedin gets hacked, some details on the Ikea TV, and a whole bunch more.
Keywords: rambling; idiots; linkedin; microsoft; apple; nintendo
Downloads: 63
[audio]The Two Rambling Idiots Podcast - J&K Productions
Recorded May 10, 2012 Tonight Joe and Kevin talk at length about comments the CEO of AT&T made at a conference. Kevin goes based on other people's opinions and his own emotional reactions - Joe actually watched the video. We also cover an Apple rumor that seems to be gaining traction, an expensive but lovely television, and the FBIs attempts at keeping up with the dirty rats in the rat race.
Keywords: rambling; idiots; at&t; fbi; poetry
Downloads: 32
[audio]WAKE UP with Bob & Rob 10-6
Listen to WAKE UP with Bob & Rob every Monday thru Thursday on 97.7 fm, WRBU Bradley University Student Radio. If you're not located in Sisson Hall, you can go to www.buedgeradio.com and launch the LIVE stream.
Keywords: Talk show; morning radio; ranting; rambling; beatles
Downloads: 9
[audio]Project Skypecast 012 - Bloody Scribbled D - Victor Nguyen, Bryan Nagar, J.J. Wanda, Stefan Nguyen
End of Season One ;O)
Keywords: podcast; education; rambling; ranting; random; rambunctious; rapscallions
Downloads: 12
[audio]BirthdayPod - Apoc
It's right smack in the middle of Neo and Apoc's Birthdays!
Keywords: Apoc; Neo; Rambling Canadian; Birthdy Podcast
Downloads: 27
[audio]HageBozu podcast - HageBozu!
Odd ramblings, unedited, raw...
Keywords: Marijuana; role model; psychic; rambling; sleepy
Downloads: 5
[audio]January Skies Cosmic Mix - Ivan Chew
0.8MB audio recording (approx 50secs). Second version of earlier piece (see http://www.archive.org/details/JanuarySkies_IvanChew15jan06), using Audacity freeware (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/), to set playback rate to approx. 70,000 Hz. Feel free to reuse or remix this song (CC license applies). Please credit the music as follows: ******** Music by: Ivan Chew - MyRightBrain.wordpress.com www.archive.org/details/JanuarySkies_CosmicMix_ivanchew15jan06 ******** Email me at RamblingLibrarian@gma...
Keywords: piano; amateur; rambling librarian; ivan chew; myrightbrain
Downloads: 1,849
[audio]January Skies - Ivan Chew
1.3MB audio recording (approx 1min 30secs). Piano piece, with minor audio enhancements using Audacity freeware (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/). Feel free to reuse or remix this song (CC license applies). Please credit the music as follows: ******** Music by: Ivan Chew - MyRightBrain.wordpress.com www.archive.org/details/JanuarySkies_IvanChew15jan06 ******** Email me at RamblingLibrarian@gmail.com for clarifications...
Keywords: piano; amateur; rambling librarian; ivan chew; myrightbrain
Downloads: 400
[audio]Comedy Rambles 2 - All About Birds - Neil Baxter
Neil has gone bird mad and rambles on about bird ignoring.
Keywords: comedy; rambling; laughter.therapy; bird; watching
Downloads: 163
[audio]The Bodcast Episode 1 - Jack Cato, Ben Potter, Ben Glanville
The Bodcast, with Jack, Ben and Ben. This is the first ever episode of the bodcast, so we take the oppurtunity to introduce ourselves, and run through the basic sections in the show.
Keywords: The; Bodcast; And; Such; Comedy; Funny; Rambling
Downloads: 41
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